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  A simple yet powerful blog

A web-based content management system for maintaining online blogs, journals, news pages, and about anything else you can think of writing down. It allows users to post any comments
Written in Run Basic and uses the SQLite database systems.


* Simple, straightforward installation and use.
* All pages are dynamically created using RunBasic and a database.
* Posts can be assigned to topics and viewed by forum, topic, or title.
* Send mail to the owner of a blog
* Powerful Search engine. Search users, dates, subjects, words in a blog, title,forum.
* Go directly to forums
* All posts allow reader comments
* Guests can view the system
* A post can be changed by the owner at any timeg.
* A post may be deleted by the owner if no one has posted a reply.
* A post are time stamped.
* Post that are less than 24 hours old are highlighted
* Can include images and photos
* Can post code.
* Best of all, it's open source! You can hack it to suit your needs!

This system was born out of a desire to provide an alternative to the PHP and other software based system.