Help Desk

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This is a simple generic Delp Desk system.
You can output to spread sheets to do analysis and reporting.
Some useful tables are the customer and item.
The item are items the users have such as PC's moitors, and printers>
Parts items can be maintained

Customers can be vendors, or shippers.
You show what items a vendor supplies, with ship days.

The Help Desk ticket contains the user who initiated the help.
You can add parts and time when fixing the problem.

Because problems are crossferenced to an item and th item to the vendor, you can find what vendors and items have lots of cost and time to fix.

Users can log in and create tickets and follow them.
Only Users who have KeyKeeper privleges can maintain the ticket assignments and updates.

Everything is modifiable and maintained through SQLite.

You can:
Create user accounts. You can determine what programs they can see and/or maintain.
Add new programs to the system.

Translate tables let you define:
The color scheme of the system.

Customers and Vendors.
Items and Item parts

Items and parts are associated with Vendors. You can find items with best delivery or price.
Find items by vendor or vendor by items.

Ticket Logs maintain detail time and parts useage by ticket.
Allows you to find items that have excess cost and time ticket logs.

The system lets you drill down on tickets. You can export ticket information to spreadsheets for reporting and analysis
It produces statistical graphs


Install into Runbasic project as helpDesk_project.
Actually you can give it any project you like.
The system has 2 users.
Privlege User = user/pass = admin/admin This user has KeyKeeper access
Non Privleged = user/pass = demo/demo

This system was generated almost entirely using SQLite and RGgen from the RunBasic
projects page