Multiple Linear Regression

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  A very simple Multiple Linear Regression Calculator:
This program finds the coefficients of multiple variable linear equations using the method of least squares.

Basically given a number of independent variables, it finds the equation to predict the dependent variable

The constant and coefficients are printed.

You supply a CSV (comma seperated variable or Spreadsheet) file.
It can have any number of columns.
The first columns are the independent variables
The last column is the dependent variable

A table of age, height, and weight
The first 2 columns of age and height are the independent variables, and the weight is the dependent.
After analyzing the data you are given a formula to predict the weight based you their age and height.
The first row can be a header.

The CSV file
'8 ','48','59'
'9 ','49','55'
'6 ','44','50'
'8 ','55','61'
'9 ','51','75'
'9 ','55','67'
'7 ','50','58'